When your product demands uptime or has out-grown the performance of a single server, utilize Silicon Valley Web Hosting Load Balancing to keep your site online and performing, even when receiving 10,000 requests or more per second. SVWH Load Balancing can span between our Virtualized Hosting and Bare-Metal Server Platforms, providing you with ultimate control and performance when you need it most.


  • $25 per Month per Real Server

Maintain Control

Utilize the SVWH Portal to manage every aspect of your load balancing services. Manage your load balancing pools, including adding or removing hosts from your balancing pools or view up to date statistics about your usage and load balancing throughput.

TLS Offloading

Utilizing Transport Layer Security for your website or application is almost a necessity in today’s world. Provide your users with both cryptographic proof that they’re talking with your servers and the security of knowing their communications with your servers are encrypted by some of the strongest encryption standards in use today, all with just the click of a button in our Portal.

Simply upload your SSL Certificate, and quickly enable TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy with the touch of a button.