Face to Face Consultation If your business requires an Internet Presence, then SVWH is the partner you’ve been searching for you handle your web hosting requirements.

With the rush to get your product online as quickly as possible, SVWH can provide outsourcing that successfully assists your Start-Up with the following:

  • Server Architecture
  • Server Administration
  • Overall Architecture Advice

Not sure if you should out-source your hosting infrastructure to a US based company such as SVWH?

Consider some of these important questions:

  • How complex is the necessary Architecture & Configuration of your Web Presence?
  • Do you have the in-house experience to take your business from Architecture all the way to deployment and support of your Production Environment?
  • Can you provide 24x7x365 Support In-House?
  • Should hosting be part of your CapEx or OpEx budget and ongoing operations?

Silicon Valley Web Hosting takes customers through four discrete phases to ensure you end up with a Production Ready environment that supports your business.

Requirement Discovery

Requirement Checklist During the first phase of the relationship, SVWH meets with your business and its stake-holders. We collaborate with you to learn about your business, your desired presence, and the requirements to ensure your business’s launch is a success.

We’ll complete an assesment of your given requirements, ask questions to drill down into the nitty-gritty minute details and prioritize your requirements to help you meet your time-frame and budgetary constraints.

System Design & Architecture

System Design Silicon Valley Web Hosting employs insdustry Best Practices to deploy its own internal systems, and we take our lessons learned to provide your business with a unique view. Develop an implementation plan that meets your requirements, be it that your entire infrastructure be virtualized, entire infrastructure be on dedicated Bare-Metal Servers, or somewhere in between. We can develop an implementation plan that leaves no single point of failure if your application requires maximum uptime.

We’ll provide you with a comphrehensive solution that meets your deadlines and budget constraints, backed by SVWH’s 24x7x365 Technical Support staff.

Production Testing & Deployment

Production Deployment During this phase, we’ll implement the agreed upon systems architecture and provide you with access you your Managed Services environment so you can begin testing in your production environment. This phase includes load testing as well as testing to ensure that both our systems design and your application is functioning as expected during failure scenarios so there are no surprises once your Production Environment is serving business critical traffic.

On-Going Production Support

Production Support Whenever you’re ready to launch your business site or application, we’ll be ready watching your back. As a Managed Services customer, SVWH will monitor server response times, availability metrics, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your design — virtual or bare-metal physical.

Our 24x7x365 Technical Support staff are available around the clock to address your needs and concerns — no matter how big or small. That’s the Silicon Valley Web Hosting Managed Services Guarantee.

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